About Us

At Charpentier Law in St. Louis, Missouri, we have created a relaxed, productive environment in which you can freely discuss your case. Our clients value the comfortable setting our office provides for them. Yet, with many cases such as auto accidents or criminal cases, clients are unable to leave their homes or hospital beds to come to our office. We regularly visit clients at their locations in order to better accommodate them and address their needs.

Aggressive Representation

Our approach to criminal defense and DWI/DUI cases is aggressive from the outset. We spend the initial stages of each case in research and investigation by going on location, interviewing witnesses and listening to our clients as they describe the circumstances that led to the criminal charges. You’d be surprised at the amount of information you can find out by actually visiting the scene of arrest and going through the exact steps the arresting officer went through. These are the things that can turn a case in your favor that an attorney who only reviews the police report on his way to court would never find. Personal injury cases compose a significant portion of our practice. Our approach to cases of premises liability or injuries caused by dangerous or defective products or motor vehicle accidents is forceful. We make sure that we understand every fact and circumstance surrounding the accident and injury, working to build a solid case on behalf of our clients. Not only do we nail down the liability portion of the case through accident reconstruction and securing the statements of eye witnesses, but we take the time to get to know everyone of our clients and find out how their injuries have impacted their life. Many injuries may seem minor at first but its not until you get in your client’s shoes and walk around in their day to day life do you realize the dramatic impact their injuries have had on their life. Spending time getting to know our clients is as important as nailing down the factual and legal basis of the claim.

Solving Problems

At Charpentier Law, we like to think of ourselves as professional problem solvers. By looking at your personal injury, criminal, harassment, discrimination or other employment law case from your perspective, we are better able to understand what is at stake for you and offer legal options that reflect your values and goals. We look at consumer law matters from a similar perspective, exploring creative ways to resolve cases of fraud or warranty interpretation. For more information about our law firm or to schedule a free case analysis to discuss your case, contact Charpentier Law today.