3 Things to Look for in a Great Accident Injury Attorney Besides Legal Expertise

car accident compensationSince about 6 million car accidents occur in the United States each year, it should come as no surprise that 52% of U.S. personal injury lawsuits concern auto accidents, according to the Bureau of Justice. (Work related-injury is the second-most-frequent cause for personal injury lawsuits.) One of the greatest dilemmas faced by the people involved in these cases is how to find conscientious and experienced personal injury lawyers to handle their cases. If you’re among them, you’re probably looking for some guidance.

When you hire accident injury attorneys, part of what you’re paying for is legal expertise; that’s why, obviously, you want to hire an attorney who is in good standing with his or her local bar association and who has considerable experience in the kind of case you’re considering. But there are also components of finding the right lawyer that have nothing to do with legal knowledge, but are instead about character and integrity. Here are three signs you’ve found an honest attorney you can trust to put your interests first:

    1. They Don’t Pursue or Pressure You in Any Way
      The dreaded “ambulance chaser” label applies to only very few personal injury attorneys, but these are the ones you should definitely stay away from. This doesn’t mean you should be wary of each and every law firm that reaches out to you (after all, they have to advertise or else clients would never find them), but you should never feel pressured to make a decision. A great attorney will offer his or her services, present you with the facts, and then allow you to make your own decision.


    1. They’re Realistic About Car Accident Compensation
      Car accident compensation is a tricky topic. Lawyers who say they can guarantee car accident settlements in any amount are lying to you, but promising you high dollar amounts is a particularly predatory move that exploits your tragedy for gain. Instead, you want to work with a lawyer who explains the different kinds of damages that can be included in a settlement, the way dollar amounts are determined in most cases, and how likely it is that you’ll get the amount you’re hoping for. They’ll also manage your expectations regarding how soon you’ll receive a settlement; the legal system does provide a route for victims to be compensated, but unfortunately it can take some time.


  1. They’re Happy to Answer All Questions
    If a lawyer tells you that you wouldn’t understand some vital aspect of your case, or seems to be purposely obfuscating by throwing around legal jargon, that’s a warning sign. It’s true that you might not understand every detail of the law — that’s why lawyers go to law school, after all — but you should feel that your lawyers is doing everything he or she can to clearly explain the most important concepts.


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