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shutterstock_233695804E-Cigarettes Are Causing Burn Injuries Across the Nation

More and more reports are coming out that e-cigarettes, which are supposed to help people stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and get healthy again, are actually causing severe burn injuries across the nation.  E-cigarettes are battery operated devices that vaporize flavored nicotine for consumers to inhale.  Despite being marketed as a safe alternative to cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes are causing severe and immediate burn injuries from the batteries exploding that make them as or more dangerous as cigarettes.

Free Confidential Lawsuit Evaluation:  If you are someone you know suffered a burn injury from an e-cigarette or vaping, please contact our law firm immediately.  We are aggressively fighting these cases to get substantial compensation for injured victims.

E-Cigarette Injuries on the Rise

E-Cigarette battery explosions are causing horrific injuries.  Reports of these explosions are coming in at an alarming rate and the injuries they have caused are even worse.  We have seen:

  • Severe injuries to the mouth, tongue and lips
  • Shattered teeth
  • Second and third degree burns to face, neck and legs
  • Amputation of fingers and legs
  • Skin grafts
  • Long hospital and burn center stays

Lack of Regulation Hurting Consumers

The E-Cigarette industry is unknown territory right now.  Up to 90% of the products and batteries are made in China and there is very little regulation at this point.  The device’s battery can explode during vaping, charging and during transport.  The FAA has banned these devices from checked luggage because they could literally bring a plane down.

The St. Louis Law Firm of Charpentier Law is Accepting E-Cigarette Burn Cases

Charpentier Law is a leading personal injury law firm in St. Louis that is aggressively handling these burn cases.  Not only will we fight for you or your loved one to get the compensation they deserve for these devastating injuries but we want to bring these issues to the forefront and let the public and our state and federal government aware these devices are not the savior from tobacco we once thought.

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