A St. Louis Accident & Injury Attorney Making a Difference

At Charpentier Law in St. Louis, Missouri, our goal is to provide clients with the best possible service. Knowing that the earliest stages of any case are often the most crucial, we take an aggressive stance early on to discover as much as we can about the facts of your situation, to more accurately explain possible outcomes, and to build a strong case.


To find out more about our practice areas, how we may help you obtain compensation for an injury sustained in a car accident; support you as you pursue a wrongful death claim; or protect your rights in a criminal case or civil litigation, contact Charpentier Law today and schedule a free case analysis.

Let Charpentier Law Law Address Your Concerns

Criminal Law
Defending clients accused of drug possession, burglary, assault, homicide and a variety of other criminal charges

Investigating all aspects of each client’s DUI charge in order to aggressively prepare a strong defense

Personal Injury
Diligently helping clients obtain compensation for injuries caused by other parties

Car Accidents
Representing clients as they seek compensation for their losses after sustaining injuries in car accidents

Product Liability
Helping clients recoup financially while they recover physically from injuries brought about by dangerous or poorly constructed products

Premises Liability
Seeking financial settlements or verdicts commensurate with their losses after they have sustained injuries on another’s property

Consumer Protection
Aiding clients who have been the victims of consumer fraud or failure to honor consumer warranties on products or services they purchased

Employment Law
Advocating on behalf of employees who have faced harassment, discrimination or other actions that have prevented them from enjoying a healthy, legal work environment

For a lawyer you can count on to address your concerns and make a difference in your personal injury, criminal law or civil case, contact us at Charpentier Law for a free case analysis.